Use carefully selected ingredients to produce a high quality vodka

– Wheat from organic farming
– Spring water from Gensac, renowned in Charente for its great purity
– No added sugars: as it is often the case in other vodkas to soften the texture

A sustainable vodka

To offer an eco-responsible vodka with the least possible impact on the planet thanks to its bottle made only of recycled glass waste.
The bottles thrown away in the sorting containers only constitute 60% to 85% of the glass used to make new ones.
It is therefore necessary to produce additional glass. To do this, manufacturers use, among other things, sand.
A shame! Shame on you !

So we found another solution to avoid using extra glass: recovering waste glass that would have been simply thrown away.

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The manufacturing process of our bottle allows us to save energy and especially not to use glass and therefore additional sand.

And yes, sand is made to be on the beach!


Le Philtre Organic Vodka supports the SURFRIDER FOUNDATION EUROPE.
It actively campaigns for the protection of the oceans and coasts, by intervening in various fields such as the collection of aquatic waste, water quality, coastal development and climate change. Because this is a cause that has been close to his heart for many years, it was only natural that Frédéric became a major donor to the association.
The entire Philtre Organic Vodka team then joined the adventure, and participates energetically in the initiatives of SURFRIDER FOUNDATION EUROPE, such as the collection of waste on the beaches of the Basque Country.